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2017 Scholarship Award Ceremony in San Jose

News     |    July 7, 2017 by Northwest Region

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On June 11, 2017, 76 exceptional young students assembled at our Northwest regional office for our annual Scholarship Award Ceremony. Through the rigorous process of selecting these individuals, we are confident that they will accomplish much due to their excellent performance in school and their clear community service aspirations. As these students are primarily from low-income or underprivileged families, it is especially moving to see each bright and candid smile as they accept their scholarship. It’s with great gratification that these hard-working recipients walked across the stage with the knowledge and reassurance that they could follow their dreams.

Our scholarship program was originally established in 1991 with underserved African American communities in mind. We hoped to provide more equal footing for all bright young students who aspire to make a positive difference in the world, but who may not have the funds to further their education.

Tzu Chi Scholarships offer a one-time award of $1,000 toward the education of selected winners, and give four-year scholarships to students who require further financial assistance, so that they may effectively learn without the weighty burden of economic uncertainty.

Of the 76 recipients, 26 are college students, and 50 are graduating high school seniors - 14 of whom received four-year scholarships.

“I’ve been working with Tzu Chi now for close to a year. In the Bayview, there are many families who have a great number of needs. Tzu Chi has come in, and I’ve watched them try and fill those needs in so many different ways. It touched me.”

- Karen Murray, of the San Francisco Unified School District

Together, we can inspire a brighter world for students to thrive. Thank you to all who have joined us on this endeavor!