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Compassion Spreads Like Wildfire

News     |    December 6, 2018 by Tzu Chi USA

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Redefining Healing With the Power of Hope: Camp Fire Relief Mission Updates

The deadliest and most destructive fire in California state history erupted on Nov. 8 in northeast of Chico, and within minutes engulfed entire communities and lives. With little to no warning, residents fled their homes with only the clothes on their backs, leaving homes and memories to the flames. More than a week later, the blaze continued to burn taking lives, rendering hundreds missing, and destroying more than 11,000 homes. Recovery is expected to take years, and billion in recovery costs. Authorities in Butte County have revised the Camp fire death toll to 85, and structures destroyed remains at more than 17,000.

The list of people who were unaccounted for in the aftermath of the Camp Fire once had more than 1,300 names. The list is now down to just 11, but it is anticipated that some victims of the fires may never be found. Additionally, evacuation orders have been lifted for parts of Paradise and Magalia, however thousands have been rendered homeless and are currently still displaced.

As this disaster emerged, Tzu Chi Relief team was on the ground to listen to the voices of the impacted communities in order to understand how we can best be of service. These survivors urgently need our help. That is why Tzu Chi USA has launched the Hope Heals mission. Help us life the hearts of 10,000 families impacted by becoming one of 10,000 donors. Together let’s heal a hurting world.

Hope Heals Updates: Sparking Compassion

Since November 9, Tzu Chi Relief has mobilized a team of 989 volunteers that have distributed a total of 3,837 blankets, 1,169 scarves, 4,297 cash cards — a grand total of $2,338,250 in emergency relief aid and emotional support for 9,748 individuals to date!

But their struggle does not end here. The road to recovery following a natural disaster of this scale and intensity leaves wounds that take years to heal. The Tzu Chi family is here for survivors at every step along this difficult path to recovery.

How You Can Help Survivors

While nothing can undo the damage for those who lost loves ones or their home in the California wildfires, we’re proud to come together as a united force to help heal the aching hearts of those who have been affected.

We encourage you to open your arms, and join us to lift the hearts of 10,000 families this holiday season. We’re so close to reaching our goal, but we still need your help to change thousands of lives. Their recovery is in our hands. With the power of hope, we will heal.

Learn how to immediately show your support during this critical time and manifest hope.

Register for Aid

If you’ve been impacted by any of the California wildfires, you are not alone. Your Tzu Chi Family is here to support you and your family along the path to recovery. Our volunteers are at the ready to provide impacted individuals and families with the monetary aid, emotional support, and spiritual guidance that they need.

Please utilize these resources by registering online to receive emergency aid. You don’t have to fight alone.