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THH2017 Charity Art Performance Tour is Coming to Texas

Press Release     |    July 27, 2017 by Tzu Chi USA

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Tzu Chi USA announces its “Thousands of Helping Hands” THH 2017 Charity Art Performance Tour featuring the renowned China Disabled People’s Performing Art Troupe (CDPPAT). The troupe appeared in the acclaimed 2011 documentary “Samsara,” a film that “explores the wonders of our world.” The artistry of these disabled performers, their troupe referred to as "UNESCO Artist for Peace" by the UN, is wondrous indeed. The CDPPAT has performed in 91 countries and opened the Paralympic Games, and is now coming to Houston and Dallas as part of this charity tour.

 Tzu Chi USA’s collaboration with the CDPPAT is meaningful, since the dedication of these artists reveals how any challenge can be overcome, and echoes the perseverance of Tzu Chi volunteers who continuously help those in need. The name of the THH tour draws from the CDPPAT’s extraordinary “One-Thousand-Hands Bodhisattva” dance honoring Guanyin, the Buddhist Goddess of Mercy who aids all who suffer. A plenitude of hands at the ready to help those in need is an apt representation of Tzu Chi Foundation, with over 10 million supporters and volunteers worldwide.

Through this tour, Tzu Chi USA hopes to inspire everyone to join hands to help the underprivileged and underserved.

The CDPPAT appeared at Tzu Chi USA’s THH Charity Concert at the Lincoln Center in NYC in 2016.

“It’s the idea of service and giving. You create joy and compassion by giving. So that’s the message I get from the Tzu Chi Foundation and that’s what I try to do as well.”

-Bruce Knotts, Director Unitarian Universalist Association



Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation’s footprint of humanitarian aid at the forefront of poverty reduction and disaster relief has reached over 94 countries since 1966. Here in the U.S., Tzu Chi USA distributed over $1.6 million in aid in 2016, benefiting 4,178 families impacted by 48 disasters. Between 1993 and 2016, Tzu Chi USA offered medical services to 551,176 underprivileged or underserved individuals across America. Its mobile food pantry travels to impoverished communities in California weekly, benefiting 20,000 families annually.


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