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Tzu Chi USA Spreads Love After California Wildfires – Camp & Woolsey Fires

Press Release     |    November 14, 2018 by Tzu Chi USA

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Chico, CA, Nov. 14, 2018 - The Camp Fire, which began on November 8, is now the deadliest wildfire in California history with 48 fatalities and counting. It razed through more than 130,000 acres in Northern California and destroyed over 8,800 buildings. The Woolsey Fire, too, has caused 2 deaths, burned through more than 97,600 acres and destroyed at least 435 structures in Los Angeles County.

Once these fires started, Tzu Chi USA’s Northwest Regional Office volunteers quickly mobilized. On November 9 & 10, they distributed emergency supplies including 550 blankets to residents sheltered at the Neighborhood Church of Chico to offer residents physical comfort as the flames continue. Some slept in their own vehicles and others were forced to sleep on the lawn.

“Facing more and more nature disasters, everyone must pool their love together, so that affectees know even though all of their possessions are gone, they still have the genuine kindness and love from people around the world.”
Dr. Han Huang, CEO, Tzu Chi USA

In Southern California, too, Tzu Chi volunteers assessed the situation at shelters across Los Angeles (including at the Palisades Charter High School, Taft High School, Pierce College, and Canoga Park High School) to see what they could do to help.

There is still a concern for the region’s safety, as fierce winds lingering in the region are anticipated to start two major wildfires west of Los Angeles, including one that has already killed two in Malibu. Starting Tuesday, November 13, these winds may escalate to hurricane-like force. Residents of this region are still at risk of critical danger, and Tzu Chi USA’s headquarters has already completed its first assessment and is ready for its next steps.

The CEO of Tzu Chi USA, Dr. Han Huang, called on Tzu Chi volunteers across the country to begin street fundraising efforts for the next two weekends, including over Thanksgiving.

Tzu Chi volunteers will continue to distribute blankets at service stations at shelters across California to help displaced residents stay warm.

Still, our volunteers will need your help. Contributions can help provide someone with a warm blanket, a hot meal, or a cash card to let a family decide what they need most to move forward. Help us combat the California Wildfires and ignite compassion through donations.

A Special Thank You to our partners for their support in our relief efforts

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