We reach out daily, from Houston across Texas, to offer relief and charity in person, caring for the most vulnerable among us.


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After Hurricane Harvey in Houston

Witness how love restores hope...

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After Hurricane Harvey in Houston
Witness how love restores hope...

Charity with Love
We are dedicated to helping those w...

Support for Immigrant Communities
Each immigrant community faces its ...

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Follow our activities and discover how our volunteers aid those in need, creating a heartfelt personal connection with each person they meet and serve.

Harvey Recovery

Harvey is one of the worst weather disasters in U.S. history, the cost of damages estimated to be as high as $180 billion. 

A Vision of Great Love
Easing the Plight of Refugees
Uniting Hearts Across the World
Disaster Relief for Louisiana Teachers

Offering Relief with Heart

Houston, the most populous city in Texas, has a history of digging deep and aiming for the stars, giving birth to the U.S. oil industry, and launching Apollo 11 to land the first men on the moon, uniting humanity in universal kinship. It’s a fitting home for Tzu Chi’s Southern Region Chapter, which began here in 1991: Our volunteers are fueled by endless reserves of love as they reach far and wide to personally offer relief and charity to those in need.







Disaster Relief with Care

We are at the ready to bring disaster relief where needed. Our first mission launched after Hurricane Andrew in 1992. We brought aid and our love and care after Hurricane Katrina and Rita in 2005; and answered the cry for help of those affected by the devastating Louisiana flood in 2016. We feel the suffering of those in distress as our own, and rush to bring relief.

Assistance for Refugee Families

We assist refugees newly resettled in the Texas communities we serve, helping them adapt to a new way of life, and overcome the cultural and linguistic barriers they face. From financial assistance for rent and utilities initially, to charity aid and ongoing regular home visits, our personal care supports these families as they cope with an onslaught of change.

Support for Immigrant Communities

Immigrant communities often struggle as they grow roots in a new land, their limited language skills and financial resources taking a toll on prospects for success. We always pay particular attention to such vulnerable groups, and especially when disaster strikes and their capacity to survive is threatened. Our aid for these communities inspires those helped to give as well.

Charity with Love

We reach out in our communities to offer a variety of charity programs for the underprivileged, our volunteers serving those in need with love and personal care. We provide school supplies and weekend food-packs for students from low-income families, have regular winter distributions and food bank services for the homeless, offer free medical outreach, and run a preschool.

Offices in the Southern Region(8)

Southern Region Office (TX)
6200 Corporate Dr.
Houston, TX 77036
Tel: 713-981-8966
Fax: 713-981-8966

Atlanta Branch Office (GA)
2000 Clearview Ave. #100
Atlanta, GA 30340
Tel: 770-458-1000

Austin Service Center (TX)
7221 Northeast Dr.
Austin, TX 78723
Tel: 512-491-0358
Fax: 512-926-1373

New Orleans Office (LA)
52 Driftwood Blvd
Kenner LA. 70065
Tel: 504-782-5168
Fax: 504-832-2022

Point Comfort Office (TX)
P.O. Box 700 (mailing)
201 Formosa Dr.
Point Comfort, TX 77978
Tel: 361-987-7130
Fax: 361-987-7139

San Antonio Office (TX)
19179 Blanco Rd. Suite 109-2
San Antonio, TX 78258
Tel: 210-479-3368
Fax: 210-566-3970

Miami Service Center (FL)
8070 Pasadena Blvd.
Pembroke Pines, FL 33024
Tel: 954-538-1172
Fax: 317-645-9907

Orlando Service Center (FL)
5401 Alhambra Dr. #A
Orlando, FL 32808
Tel: 407-292-1146
Fax: 407-292-1146



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