We foster a humanistic global culture by nurturing virtue along with social and environmental responsibility. Our schools and programs enhance moral development through character education, provide high-quality academic instruction, offer aid to underprivileged students, and support often neglected groups such as inmates.

Preschools and Primary Education

Our preschools and primary education provide a nurturing environment based on the principles of gratitude, respect, and love, within which high-quality academic instruction in both English and Mandarin Chinese takes place.



Character Education

We partner with public schools across the U.S. to offer a character education program designed for school assemblies. The curriculum tackles common problems in schools and utilizes lectures and interactive activities to foster moral values and cultivate environmental awareness. For instance, our “Every Day is Earth Day Assembly” consists of an indoor lecture during which students learn the importance of taking care of the Earth, followed by an outdoor activity when they can practice how to recycle to protect our planet.

The number of students served by our character education program is growing quickly, from 182 in 2013, to 1,253 by 2015. By the end of the 2016-2017 school year, the program was offered at 4 schools and a total of 5,711 students participated.



Happy Campus Program

Our Happy Campus program for underprivileged elementary school students provides after-school tutoring, weekend food backpacks, distributions of school supplies, and more. To date, students at 33 schools across 10 states have benefitted.



Spiritual Support for Inmates

We offer spiritual support for inmates in U.S. prisons. Over 900 inmates regularly receive inspiring books and magazines, and to date, our volunteers have replied to over 1,200 letters, guiding inmates towards a meaningful life of helping others.