We provide swift disaster relief in the U.S. and internationally. In the U.S. we offer cash cards, blankets, necessities, and comfort. We also offer a disaster aid Cash-For-Relief program that provides jobs at substantial compensation on a day-by-day basis as needed. The program motivates communities to work together to begin rebuilding, and helps families get back on their feet while stimulating the local economy. The compensations earned are a form of charity aid that empowers and offers relief after disasters.

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From 2001 to 2016, we provided over $27,690,000 in aid in the USA, benefitting 79,864 families and 203,309 individuals affected by man-made disasters and natural disasters such as 9/11, California wildfires, Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Sandy, Louisiana flood, Midwest tornadoes etc.

In 2016, we responded to 48 disasters and distributed $2,008,124 in cash cards, benefiting 4,718 families affected by disasters domestically.

We partner with the American Red Cross and install smoke alarms in private homes. From 2014 to 2016, we participated in more than 120 public education events about home fire and disaster preparedness.

International Disaster Relief



After the deadly 2010 earthquake in Haiti, we offered 84 distributions, benefitting nearly 196,000 people, while our free clinics served more than 15,000 patients.
In 2013, we launched the reconstruction of 3 schools, helping the Sisters of St. Anne rebuild the College of Marie-Anne, Christ the King Secretarial School, and Kindergarten Durocher which had its Grand Opening in 2015.

Happy Campus Tuition Assistance Program

  • brought $21,150 in aid
  • helping 8,384 students

General Hospital Hot Meal Distribution

  • beneficiary count 95,087 patients
  • the food costing $21,600

Rice Distribution

  • in 2016600 tons of Rice to 114,227 persons
  • in 2017900 tons of rice, including 270 tons for hurricane Matthew survivors




After flood relief in Choluteca, Honduras in 2011, Tzu Chi started the housing projects in Marcovia, and Choluteca. We built 2 villages, a total of 408 houses.

2014 Marcovia DaAi Village
total 160 houses

2016 Choluteca DaAi Village
total 248 houses



Sierra Leone

Our aid in Sierra Leone began in 2015, helping a nation recover from the Ebola outbreak in 2014 and a brutal 10-year civil war. We offered 200 tons of rice, benefitting:

3,488  Ebola Survivors

914  Ebola Orphans

121  War-wounded

3,589  Social Institutions

430  Partner Organizations

We also distributed:


Used Clothing


Pairs of Slippers


Pairs of Shoes



Foldable Beds


Tzu Chi was the first and only NGO to help all Ebola survivors across the country, having collected their names from lists provided by the local government. 




Our aid in Ecuador began in response to the earthquake in 2016, and we have provided about $1.6 million dollars in relief so far.

Earthquake 2016

Our aid in Ecuador began in response to

the earthquake in 2016, and we have provided about

$1.6 million

 in relief so far

Cash-For-Relief Program

Our Cash-For-Relief program immediately after the earthquake provided $510,405 in aid while creating 34,030 day jobs.

Mid-term Aid Distributions

Our mid-term aid brought distributions of 1,512 multi-functional folding beds and 5,235 eco-blankets to those still displaced nearly four months later, paying attention to the most vulnerable members of the communities. The distribution ceremonies drew over 3,000 attendees, and the relief is estimated to have benefitted over 8,000 earthquake survivors.

Flooding 2017

After severe flooding in 2017

we offered a total of


in disaster relief

Cash-For-Relief Program

We launched our long-term earthquake disaster relief in 2017 with a project in Canoa that will rebuild a Church and its grounds by 2018.